CALL TO ACTION: Alabama Women Need Your Help Desperately!


This Tuesday, February 19th at 1PM CST, the Alabama State Legislature will be voting on HB57, the “Women’s Health & Safety Act”, which is actually a TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) law.  This legislation is sponsored by Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin, an ALEC member.  This proposed law will effectively shut down the 5 abortion clinics in our state.  We need every pro-choice woman, man, group, ect in the state to show up to prove that we will not have our rights to abortion taken away from us from politicians that are not doctors.  The gallery for viewing the floor of the House or Representatives is on the 6th floor of the Alabama State House, located at 11 South Union Street in Montgomery, behind the State Capitol.  If you can’t show up, but would like to listen to the proceedings, you can listen online here.  If you can show up, make sure to visit this page about the rules on entering & decorum for visiting the State House.  You can also help by signing this petition which will be delivered personally by myself and a clinic escort to every Alabama politician in the State House on Tuesday morning, so be sure to sign before Monday morning as we will be printing the petitions out on Monday to get ready to distribute them.

In addition to the TRAP law referenced above, politicians are trying to push a “Personhood” bill (SB205) authored by Shadrack McGill – you should Google him to see some of the ridiculous things he has said to realize exactly the level of insanity we’re dealing with here in Alabama.  “Personhood” would effectively make all contraception except condoms illegal in the state & would effect in vitro fertilization as well.  We also have the “Religious Liberty Act” (HB108) that will allow employers to deny their employees contraception coverage under their insurance plans.  Women are sick and tired of these politicians acting like we cannot make our own reproductive decisions – ones that should be made between a woman, her family, and her doctor ONLY.  We already have an onerous 20 week ban on abortions based on the false evidence of ‘fetal pain’ that has been widely repudiated.  We do not need nor want more laws regarding our vaginas!

In response to all of this ridiculous legislation (and there are MANY more that are not related to mysterious lady parts), I have created spreadsheets of every Alabama Senator & Representative that includes their name, stance on abortion (pro or anti choice), their party affiliation, district number, their phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and Twitter handles.  You can help Alabama women even if you don’t live here by contacting these politicians and telling them we’ve had enough – we want the JOBS we were promised in 2010, not restrictions on our reproductive rights that was decided back in 1973!

Here is the spreadsheet for the Alabama State Senate:

Here is the spreadsheet for the Alabama House of Representatives:

Women deserve better than Alabama politicians playing doctor & morality police and inviting lawsuits, costing our state an undetermined amount of taxpayer dollars in the legal bills that will be sure to come.  Do it for your mother, your sister, your daughter, your aunt…any woman that you love.   We demand to be treated with respect and not like livestock.  We are Alabama women and we dare defend OUR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS!  (That’s right, Republicans, I’m taking your ‘slogan’ back for THE WOMEN.)

If you need additional information, or would like to know more ways you can help, feel free to @ me on Twitter.  And don’t forget to follow some great pro-choice women on my ProChoice & TeamUterati lists!

*Note: Anti choice trolls will not be responded to if you can’t be nice & civil.  Ad hominem attacks and name calling will get you ignored and you will meet the block button.


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